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Even with all the troubling news swirling around Chief Keef, the grind never stops for rap’s youngest star.

Our boy Keef just dropped the video for “Love Sosa,” which he says is for the “fans.” 

DETAILS: UH OH! Chief Keef May Be Going Back To Jail 

In the video, you see Keef and his bros jumping around, swinging their dreads and hopping on tables inside a one-bedroom apartment somewhere in Chicago.  

VIDEO: Chief Keef & Boss Brick “We Eatin'” 

Time will only tell what project the song and video will be attached to.

Keef has been getting a lot of negative press lately. #OsamaSosaLaden could go back to jail because, according to Cooks County prosecutors, he violated his probation when he did a controversial interview with Pitchfork at a gun range.

Keef doesn’t seem to be too concerned, however. He tweeted this earlier:


What ya’ll think of the video?