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First there was MySpace, then there was Facebook, and then along came the iPhones and good ol’ Instagram, but now there is a new kid on the block, Cinemagram for the iPhone. 

There’s a crop of people on Twitter directing their followers to check them out on the new social app, while others are pondering out loud whether or not the app is going to stick around for keeps. 

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Gifs have been circulating the web along with their cousin, memes, but Cinemagram is finding a way to create a hybrid between a photo and a video. 

Mind blown. 

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According to the App’s description, users can animate small portions of a photo to create a magical image that’s part-photo and part-video. And just like on trusty Instagram, users can apply vintage and cross processing filters.

According to its Twitter reviews, Cinemagram has become the place where all Twerk videos go to be found, and according to comedian Lil Duval, the app is also every young boy’s dream during its night caps. 

How it works:

1. Film a short video clip 2-3s

2. Animate a small region

3. Apply xpro, vintage filters

4. Share to Twitter/Tumblr and Facebook

In this age of social narcissism, we’re sure the new app will catch on in no time and get snatched up by Sir Zuckerberg.

You can download the app here.