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Halloween is creeping up on dat ass, and if you don’t have a costume lined up already, it’s time to think about the quick ones you can pull together with items you have laying around. 

Haute Halloween: MMG Edition! How To Dress Like Rick Ross

Terry Richardson is the man behind the lens of just about every major fashion spread, shooting the most intricately styled models in the game. But his look is always pretty darn classic and made up from a simple formula of a flannel shirt, and his instantly recognizable glasses. 

Haute Halloween: How To Master A Katy Perry Costume Circa “Last Friday Night”

Thrift an old flannel, stick on a mustache and start snapping away. Your fashion friends will get a kick out of the DIY costume, and you’ll have a pretty nifty excuse to take inappropriate photos of tits. 

Check out the collage above for some inspiration to kick off your Terry Richardson costume.