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A$AP Rocky burst onto the music scene seemingly overnight, but nothing for the Harlem rapper was a dream or instant like a classic true Hollywood story.

With many nights spent in the studio and long days trying to make it out the hood, A$AP Rocky’s journey to success isn’t that of your average rapper. 

In an in-depth interview, GlobalGrind sat down and got the chance to understand who A$AP Rocky is, what he stands for, and his musical ambitions.  

A$AP dished on everything from his long-awaited debut album LongLiveA$AP, to rock star moments with Danny Brown, friends turned foes, money, newfound fame, and of course, the women. 

Check out our exclusive interview with A$AP Rocky below!

What do you like in a girl? What really attracts you?

Honestly, she has to have a fashion sense. I know I act ratchet and immature at times. That’s just me being a kid, but for the most part, when it comes to having a companion or being in a really legitimate, mature, civil relationship with another female, I really need her to be intelligent. She has to be smart. That’s first. She doesn’t have to have much. Even if I have more money than her, that’s OK – As long as she’s ambitious. She just has to be beautiful and have a good fashion sense, and we’re good! She also has to like funny movies and smoke weed.

What’s a total turn-off?

As far as girls…

There’s a bunch. Where do I start? I’ll keep it real with you. Scared girls, I don’t like that.

Scared girls?

Yeah, because I’m getting used to this whole famous sh*t, so it’s like if they’re starstruck, I don’t know how to deal with that. That’s too much for me.

How weird is that for you to encounter someone that is in awe of your presence?

It’s not weird. It’s just that, would you like a person back that’s a little annoying? I don’t mean to come off mean. I think it’s cute to an extent, but if you like the person back and you’re trying to get groovy or jiggy, it’s like after awhile are you going to be starstruck all day, or are you going to come kiss me?