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As Fashion Week saw its close this September, something just as special was cooking up with Sol Afrik. 

On the sidelines and outskirts of the Mercedes Benz tents are designers with similar talent levels and breathtaking designs from every corner of the earth. These designers are simply not accepted into the tent realms normally reserved for high-end names with century old legacies. Luckily, Sol Afrik gave the designers an opportunity to showcase their designs to tastemakers, designers and bloggers alike. 

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This new international platform for the fashion industry gives voice and opportunity to emerging and exciting designers so they can be properly nurtured and showcased in a manner that will meet global industry standards, as they did during their press day captured in the video above. 

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Sol Afrik’s end goal is to be the first Fashion Week that features edgy, couture, contemporary, and ready-to-wear international designers from across the African Diaspora, while representing African designers from all over the world, and at the closing of their latest showcase, we have no doubt that they are making positive strides in that direction. 

Take a look at the video above – shot by Rashid Mausi and edited by Michelle R. Jackson – to see all the beautiful fashions, designers and most of all, people, who were involved with launching Sol Afrik this year.