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Katy Perry Inspired Costumes (PHOTOS)
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Katy Perry is twenty friggen eight years old, and not looking a day over 21.

In her 28 years of life, Katy has set records, set trends and of course, become an international pop star at the pinnacle of fame … Oh, and she has also become one of our favorite celebrities to dress up as for Halloween!

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With every performance, music video and red carpet appearance, Katy gives little California girls all over the globe Halloween inspiration galore, and we mean that in the best, most glamorous way possible.

Haute Halloween: How To Master A Katy Perry Costume Circa “Last Friday Night”

Still struggling looking for a Halloween costume? In honor of Katy Perry’s 28th birthday, check out her most memorable outfits that can be transformed into Halloween costumes in the gallery above.

Gawsh Katy, you make 28 years of awesome look like it isn’t hard work at all.