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STORY: What In The?!? Dead Man Shows Up At His Own Funeral

Catarina Migliorini could get $780,000 if she loses the most precious innocent thing she’ll ever have – her virginity.

That’s right, the 20-year-old Brazilian woman has been auctioning off her virginity online for the past few weeks.

And a man from Japan known as “Natsu” came out on top with the winning bid.

According to the site VirginsWanted, a man from Japan known as Natsu beat out five other bidders after a feverish final day, where the price of Migliorini’s innocence jumped from $190,000 on Oct. 23 to the final $780,000 price tag.

Migliorini, a physical education student, said that with the money, she plans donate up to 90 percent of the auction price to charities that will build homes in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Well, isn’t that nice.

What is the world coming to? What’s even harder to believe is that there’s a site selling virginity…

Good luck to Migliorini in her future endeavors, and hopefully she enjoys her first time.

SOURCE: VirginsWanted

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