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Britney Spears is no stranger to controversy, but this time it may be a little unwarranted.

Everyone gets a little touch up done via Photoshop before any covers get finalized, so why is the cover of the December issue of Lucky Magazine any different?

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Some of Britney Spears’ loyal fans feel that Britney has been photoshopped so much, it looks like her head was practically placed onto someone else’s body! 

Other critics of the cover focused on the fact that the hair on Britney’s head looks artificial and her hairline is suspect. We’re not sure why this is more surprising than when any other female celeb wears a wig or weave, but Britney’s fans may be a little bit more intense than most.

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The gallery above shows the pictures that are causing so much controversy, as well as some of the negative reactions. You look through and be the judge, and tell us what you think in the poll below.

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