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Hurricane Sandy has taken over the east coast, literally, and just as Jay-Z’s Blueprint had an unlucky release date on September 11, 2001, Meek Mill‘s long awaited debut album, Dreams and Nightmares had an unlucky release date as it collided with Hurricane Sandy.

Dreams and Nightmares hit store shelves this past Tuesday, a day after Sandy made it’s way up the east coast, and while most artists are readying for celebration after their albums drop, Meek has had a change of plans.

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In a statement the MMG rapper says:

“This storm has been crazy. This is my first release, and I’m supposed to be so happy for it. But the same day my album came out, I was more worried about how my family was holding out and a tree falling on my house.”

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The Philly native spoke on the monster hurricane impacting his album sales, stating:

“My focus wasn’t on stores being closed. I had a packed house, filled with my family, making sure they were good during this storm.”

But Meek has faith in his fans:

“I made a great album and it will sustain itself. Real people do real sh*t; my fans will buy the album when they are able to.”

That’s the spirit!

Dreams and Nightmares is expected to debut in the top five on next week’s charts.