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Last night, the entire world – not just Americans, the entire world – watched as President Barack Obama stepped on stage to present his speech following the announcement of his re-election. Some watched with eyes of joy, some with eyes of admiration, and others unsure of what the future of America holds.

Opinions may have varied, but everyone, no matter the political standing, noted the presence of his stunning first family. Two beautiful young daughters, and a wife that embodies exactly what it means to be the backbone of the family, the backbone of the First Family. 

Four more years of Obama means four more years of a FLOTUS that in ways has become more popular than her husband, walking a calculated line of being an emotional provider and a safety net, all while maintaining her own persona – a feat not easily met. 

Impeccable fashion sense and charismatic attitude aside, four more years of Michelle Obama is one of the best package deals that come with the Obama campaign, and Mr. President knows it as well as I. 

Last night during his speech, Barack addressed his wife: 

“I have never been more in love with you and I have never been more proud than when I watched the rest of America fall in love with you too as our nation’s First Lady.”

And the feeling by Americans is mutual. 

We obsess over her hair, her clothes, her ability to nail every magazine cover, every interview and back her husband without ever stepping on his shoes or stealing his shine, but the re-election of Michelle Obama means more than just a continuation of the aforementioned, it means a role model for millions of young ladies gets to remain in the spotlight. 

Not only does Michelle Obama provide an image of a well rounded black woman in an age of rap videos and Basketball Wives, but she provides the image of a new age well-rounded woman, period. 

A mother, a personality, a stylista, an advocate for healthy living and a woman who isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the work is one we can all admire. 

Michelle is proof that we can all have it all. 

As a career woman, I have no interest in First Ladies without voices who serve as perfectly coiffed trophy props for their politically active husbands; I want something real. I want to see myself in our First Lady.

Four more years of Michelle Obama serving as our FLOTUS is four more years of a woman other women can aspire to be. A woman who allows a powerful man to take his stance while she demands not to be left in the shadow; we are long overdue for a modern day Claire Huxtable. 

America is changing, women are evolving and many of us have accepted that our role isn’t destined to be in the kitchen, it is to be alongside the one we love, transcending traditional barriers and making change for the better, and there is no better example of this than our FLOTUS. 

It’s not about black love, it is not about white love, it is about the representation of balance, sacrifice and pure passion. 

It’s about a restoration of the new American Dream. 

-Rachel Hislop

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