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Last night, Rihanna took part in an interview with Facebook conducted by Bravo’s own Andy Cohen and these two big personalities went all the way in! During the live sit-down, they discussed her new album and of course, the status of her relationship with Chris Brown.

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Andy eased into the subject, starting off with the former couple’s upcoming collaboration on her album, Unapologetic. Andy asked how can it be “Nobody’s Business” (the song’s title) if they are putting it out there. 

“I am not putting it out there as much as its just there. I can’t run away from that if i had it my way it would be really nobody’s business and it sucks but whatever,” she replied. 

Then Andy flat out asked Rihanna the million dollar question: “Are you and Chris Brown together?” 

Rihanna quickly answers, “No.”

While the answer is straight to the point, we still doubt that it will kill the rumors. 

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Andy also asked the 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer, who was in NYC to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday, what she thinks when she reads all those rumors. 

“Its like ugh typical. You brush it off.” Rihanna continues, “Somethings hurt more than others, some things are like serious, this is so messed up because someone is going to read this and believe it. Sometimes they can really make it believable and you can’t even get mad at people for believing it. That part sucks but you can’t get caught up in that you will die.”

This is a revealing interview with the Unapologetic queen of RocNation. Check it out below!

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