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Does your pulse begin to race at the mere mention of a date? Well, if the reason is less about your honey and more about the money, it’s time to rethink your dating habits. Trust me, there are tons of fun, romantic and imaginative activities that won’t take a chunk out of your rent check. Here are some low-cost ideas guaranteed to make any guy or girl fall in love!   

Ping Pong or Pool?

Get his/her blood pumping with a little friendly competition by partaking in a fun, physical activity. Hit a pool hall that also offers ping-pong and air hockey and switch up between games to add variety.  If you’re feeling a bit more daring, why not take your date for some indoor rock-climbing? You’re both most likely first-timers and this is sure to be a bonding experience!

Ice-Rink Romance

Strap on the skates and take your date for a romantic evening of ice-skating. Outdoor rinks are my favorite and tons are now open for business around the country.  It’s the perfect option for cozy couples that love to hold hands. Afterwards you can warm each other up over some hot chocolate!


Enjoy An Indie Act

Those tickets to check out Katy Perry or Jay-Z might be way outside your price range (minus the nosebleed seats), so why not take your crush to get up close and personal with a cool independent act instead? Every city has venues that showcase up and coming artists and those tickets go for a fraction of the price. Plus, you’ll have your date convinced you’re on the cutting edge.

Go Retro At A Drive-In

Have your darling enjoy the comfort of your own ride at a drive-in – yes, this 1950’s fad still exists. Tickets tend to be cheaper than those of a regular movie theater, plus you can save $$$ by bringing your own refreshments. The added bonus – if you get bored of the film, you can chat between yourselves without annoying the grouch behind you!

A Waterside Picnic

There’s something so relaxing about chillin’ by the water. For those of you in warmer states, get your romance on with an ocean or lakeside picnic. It won’t cost much to prepare some munchies that’ll make your date smile – think portable and easy to eat options such as sushi, sandwiches, potato salad and bite-sized fruit.  Include a bottle of homemade sangria for additional love points.

The Quaint But Economical Eatery

It’s a myth that great food must be expensive. There are plenty of quaint, quality restaurants that are budget friendly and serve all kinds of cuisines – Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Thai. Ask your playboy BFF for a recommendation (serial daters are guaranteed to know the best deals) or browse some options online. She, or he, will have no idea the bill totaled less than 100 bucks.

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Swanky Hotel Suite

Create the vibe of a luxury hotel for your sweetie right at home. Hide any clutter, put away your clothes, make up your bed with some crisp cotton sheets, add some extra pillows and place a vase of fresh flowers on the nightstand. Layout some plush towels and his and her robes and your man or girl will forget this isn’t the Four Seasons.




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