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Gen. David Petraeus‘ affair scandal just got messier!

According to reports a mystery woman sparked the scandal that has now ended the general’s career, after she was bombarded with threatening emails from the CIA chief’s alleged mistress, Paula Broadwell.

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The NY Daily News reports:

The woman, who is said to be close to the general, was so disturbed by the menacing missives from Petraeus’ lover Paula Broadwell that she went to the feds, begging the FBI for protection, U.S. officials told The Associated Press.

It turns out FBI agents then discovered the scandal after digging up sexually explicit emails between Broadwell and Petraeus, one of which referred to “sex under a desk,”

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The site reports:

As they uncovered more and more sexy emails between Petraeus and Broadwell, it became clear that the pair were having an affair.

And as they pored over the mountains of angry emails Broadwell is said to have later sent to the unidentified woman, it was equally clear that Petraeus’ paramour viewed her as a threat to her secret relationship.

The mystery woman is still unidentified and the exact nature of her relationship with Petraeus remains unknown, but according to the NY Times, she is not a family member or government official.It appears the general and Broadwell weren’t as timid as one would think.

According to the Daily News the author’s presence while writing a book on Petraeus was rather irritating. They report:

Broadwell’s unprecedented access to Petraeus had long irked CIA officers. She was a regular visitor to his office at the spy agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va., and frequently appeared as his guest at public events.

The series of events that led to Petraeus’ downfall emerged just a day after the 60-year-old retired four-star general resigned as the head of the CIA and admitted to having an extramarital affair.

SOURCE: NY Daily News