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<p>You all remember Debo from the movie &ldquo;Friday&rdquo; right?&nbsp; Well, if you&rsquo;re under 30 years old you may not know that Tommy &ldquo;Debo&rdquo; Lister was also famous for his character &ldquo;Zeus&rdquo;&nbsp; in the <a class="zem_slink" title="World Wrestling Entertainment" onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outbound/article/’);" rel="homepage" href=”;);" rel="homepage" href=”;);" rel="imdb" href=”;);" rel="wikipedia" href="">Benny Hinn</a> and an odd interview about his recent movie &ldquo;Lean Like a Cholo&rdquo;. &nbsp; Tommy Lister also has an&nbsp; interesting new<strong> </strong>&lsquo;Jesus is my gangsta&rsquo; style ministry.</p>