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Dee & Ricky always find new and cool ways to do what they do.

Although some may remember the duo for making belts from old hand-held video games, most remember them as the guys who made the Lego hearts. That’s right, the very same hearts that showed up on runways and album covers all over the world were started by two kids from Staten Island!

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Since their success that caught the eyes of Marc Jacobs and Kanye West among many others, Dee & Ricky have enjoyed working with the likes of G-Shock and Pony athletic and casual wear. Their latest project comes in the form of a collaboration with LA-based designers Joyrich for a Fall/Winter 2012 “Wearable Plush Attire” capsule collection.

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The collection consists of different 3-D plush letters and numbers that can be interchanged on the hat, bag and jackets. The letters look like puffed up versions of varsity letters and numbers, so you can add a lighthearted flare to any item you choose! Check out the entire collection modeled by Dee & Ricky themselves in the gallery above.

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