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It’s no secret Kellan Lutz is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and the Twilight star may have just made a move to make ladies swoon over him even more.

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In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, somehow the actor landed on the topic of losing his virginity, and he revealed:

“It was high school — with the love of my life, at the time. … Everything was just really caring and done out of love. It was one of those really sweet, loving, connected moments.”


It turns out Kellan is actually a pretty religous guy. He tells the mag, “I’ve always been a believer.”

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It appears this heart throb has been melting hearts since before he even hit puberty! He tells Elle:

“When I was in sixth grade, I’d go to the dollar store to get this girl Kelsey, gifts. I loved being Romeo to her Juliet.”

Now, this guy sounds too good to be true!

Check out the full interview here.