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Miley Cyrus has undergone quite the appearance change since her “Party In The U.S.A” days as the longhaired songstress in daisy dukes, and her musical taste has made the transformation as well. 

The former Disney star tapped into a rocker chic transformation since then, and she has also learned a little more about Jay-Z.

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Miley infamously rapped in “Party in the U.S.A.” that the “Jay-Z song was on,” then recanted later and admitted that she had no clue what Jigga track would get her going into party mode. A pixie cut and an engagement later, the grown up Miley reveals that not only does she know a couple of Jigga’s greatest hits, but she also got some street cred for name-dropping the Brooklyn rapper in her song. 

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GlobalGrind’s Ben Lyons caught up with Miley while she was out promoting her new film So Undercover, in which she plays Molly, who goes incognito as a mole in a sorority. 

Check out what Miley has to say about Hova, her new role and sorority girls, in the exclusive interview above.