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Countless arrests. Trips to rehab. Jail time. Multiple public fights.

No, I’m not talking about the life of some 45-year-old man reflecting on his years of rebellion; those are situations that Lindsay Lohan has all been in during her 26 years of living so far.

After sharing her infamous smile and charm with the world in the ’90s by starring in The Parent Trap and Disney’s Life Size, it seems as though those were some of the last moments where she kept her innocence.

Even in the days of Mean Girls, Lindsay was preparing for what was to come, even though it probably was nothing that she ever expected.

Where did it all start? That’s the question Lohan fans have been investigating for years.

Whether it started from all of the horrific fights at home between her parents, or her rebellious rollercoaster relationship with Samantha Ronson, it’s certainly a grey area as to how Lindsay became so destructive.

Not only has she had a year filled with trips to the police department, but she even discovered she has a secret half-sister that was her father Michael Lohan’s love child.

Maybe the downfall all just stemmed from the pressure of being Lindsay Lohan in general.

It’s time that somebody or something step in. And I don’t mean anyone in her toxic circle like her parents, her entourage, a doctor, or her legal team. Even rehab can’t help her anymore.

Something or someone new.

Whether she goes back to her roots to her innocent days and gets involved in a Life Size movie remake, or even finds her dream man that will keep her in line when she’s falling out of it, Lindsay has got to find peace some way, some how.

Maybe she can travel around the world, and work in foreign countries where no one knows of her status in the media.

I mean, take up painting or something!

All I know is, Lindsay needs to stay off the roads and take away the booze in order to stay out of jail so that she can keep away from the headlines.

The toxic environment surrounding her is swallowing her whole, and it’s time we all stop wasting time shaking our heads at her, and try to let her find some REAL help.

As a Lindsey myself who gets called “Lindsay Lohan” on a daily basis, it would be great to feel proud to know that the nickname stems from someone with their act together.

Even though it seems like she might be a lost cause at this point, I know that the charm from that girl who was in some of my favorite kid movies is still there!

Let’s pray for Lindsay!

Lindsey India

Twitter: @LindseyIndia