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In a horrifying display, Ki Suk Han, a 58-year-old straphanger in NYC, was killed by a Q train after another commuter pushed him on the tracks after a dispute.

While the manhunt is on for the guy who pushed Suk Han to his death, he isn’t the first person to fall onto the dangerous tracks. About 1000 people perish from train accidents each year.

PHOTOS: Disturbing Footage Of NYC Dad Pushed To His Death On Subway Track 

But what makes this case so special is that just moments before the train struck the man, it was all captured on camera by a freelance photographer, who took a chilling photo of the victim’s last seconds alive. 

It seems like cameras are always around when someone falls on the tracks. There was the video of a lady who just walked onto the tracks with her baby in her arms. There is another of a mother whose daughter was in a baby carriage when it rolled onto the tracks in front of a speeding train.

There are also some heroic tales of men pulling drunks off the tracks, and others of people who just weren’t paying attention. 

In all the videos, however, we learn a few things: Be aware when you’re on the platform, and life is short, you should never take it for granted. 

A mother loses control of her baby’s stroller and it falls onto the train tracks in front of a speeding train.

A mother wasn’t paying attention while walking and walks directly off the platform.


A drunk man falls on the tracks, is robbed and left there as a train runs him over. 

Cell phones can kill you. A guy talking on his phone falls onto the tracks in this video. 

Drunk woman falls onto the tracks and gets help from some heroic bystanders.

An ex-marine jumped over tracks to rescue a man who fell. 

Drunk falls on tracks and busts his face and head open before an MTA works rescues him. 

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