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Jenelle Evans’ life seems to be spiraling out of control… and quickly!

The Teen Mom 2 star has publicly feuded with her mother, Barbra Evansfor a long time now and though her mom can be a little out of it at times, Jenelle is definitely her own worst enemy.

Besides recently marrying a guy who’s just as reckless as she is, and having to deal with nude photos of herself getting leaked (if she didn’t leak them on her own), Jenelle, 20, was “involuntarily committed into a Winston-Salem, North Carolina mental health facility shortly after Thanksgiving” according to RadarOnline.

The site quotes Jenelle’s older sister Ashleigh:

“My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up.”

Of course, Jenelle denies these claims. The young reality star blogged that she was actually hospitalized because of 8 cysts found on her ovaries. 

Let’s be real: most likely Jenelle is not telling the whole truth. If fans of the MTV show can recall, her son Jace was just months old and Jenelle spent her nights partying instead of staying at home to take care of him.

Just yesterday, her new husband Courtland Rogers was charged with a felony for obtaining property by false pretenses and all in the same day, the pair suddenly got married. If you add all of this to her various nude photos circling the net, her own sister ratting her drug antics out, and her generally volatile attitude, do you actually believe the ONE thing she is in control of is her health?

Hopefully I’m absolutely wrong and Jenelle is just a young mom with a bit of a bad attitude. Honestly though, her being a heroin addict would be the perfect explanation for her wealth of issues. 

This is not to bash her, we all have our problems and we all make our mistakes. However, Janelle is a mom and the most important person here is her little Jace Vahn Evans. At the end of the day what he needs is a happy, healthy, and drug-free mom.

Personally, I’d like to hear news of Janelle getting her life together for the sake of her kid, repairing her relationship with her mom, getting a better father figure for little Jace, and leaving the drugs alone if she’s on them.

Good luck Jenelle! I’m rooting for you!


SOURCE: RadarOnline || Photo Credit: GETTY/Hollywood Gossip