What better way to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in Washington state then to spark up some Mary Jane under the (very fitting we might add) Seattle Space Needle. Or vice versa: Why not celebrate the legalization of marijuana by getting hitched?

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Either way, Washington reached a historic decision shortly after midnight on Thursday by being the second state to decriminalize and regulate the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana by adults over 21. Simultaneously, same-sex couple Jane Abbott Lightly, 85, and Pete-e Peterson, 77, were celebrating the issue of their marriage license; the first of its kind in Washington.

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In a New Year’s Eve like countdown, both communities waited until 12am to either get hitched or spark up. Marijuana revelers partied in front of news reporters, rolling and smoking joints although, technically, smoking in public is still punishable by fine under the new law. But Seattle police officers refrained from arresting the jolly crowd. Same sex couples lined up outside of the King County auditors office to receive long awaited marriage licenses. Volunteers and supporters serenaded the group with a rendition of “Going to the Chapel.”

While there are still some loopholes and red tape (the earliest weddings can’t take place until Sunday, and marijuana regulations are still being hashed out while remaining illegal under federal law), Washington is definitely reminding us of a scene from Woodstock right now. Let’s hope the good vibes last…

SOURCE: TheDailyBeast The Huffington Post 



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