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Who does it like Rockie Fresh? “Nobody!”

NEW MUSIC: Rockie Fresh “I’m Wit It!”

MMG’s young gunner straight out of Chicago is so Marty McFly cruising in his silver Deloreon on the Electric Highway – a highway that takes you through time and space – and you definitely get to see how trippy and out of this world the journey truly is.

And what’s a music video that’s visually amazing without the presence of a beautiful woman? The personification of Rockie’s affection takes center stage for just a moment, moving so elegantly before she disappears amidst the particles and waves. This video is 88 mph of pure dopeness!

NEW VIDEO: Rockie Fresh & Rick Ross “You A Lie (Remix)!”

Rockie’s new album Electric Highway drops January 21st.

Check it out, and let us know what you think.