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The year of 2012 is winding down and Beyonce fans/stans have been wondering where that woman will be and what will she be doing to close the year. It looks like they may have finally got their answer!

According to an interview with Luis Alberto Sadalla, the Executive VP of Wynn, Bey will hit the stage for a 2 hour performance in Las Vegas on the 31st.

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While the entire interview appears to be in Portuguese, after a little bit of Google Translate we found that Sadalla also reveals that the show will be very private and King Bey will be raking in $4 million for the gig.

Now that’s a nice pay check!

In other Beyonce news, the 31-year-old diva was just spotted in Miami partying with her hubby, Jay-Z at The Standard. Rocking a high bun, Bey was all smiles and looked to be having a blast.

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And Bey has been sharing her good vibes on Instagram of course. She gave props to her little sis Solange posting a pic of one of her performances alongside a note that read “makee tata, my thu thu killed!!”

We’re not sure what “makee tata” is or “thu thu” but we’re loving Bey getting personal on Instagram.

Check out her flicks and her Miami outing in the accompanying gallery and skip to the 9:50 mark in the vid below to hear Sadalla confirm Bey’s gig!