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Last night, as Kanye West lent his talents to the 12.12.12 concert to benefit victims of superstorm Sandy, a lot of attention was put on his “skirt.” Although he was wearing pants and sneakers with what was basically a leather skirt over it, people could not shake the notion that Kanye was a man in a skirt. 

Since Kanye basically spent the entire Watch The Throne tour in a skirt, we feel no reason to linger on the fact that he wore one last night. Instead we found ourselves a little more interested in his sweatshirt.

The black “Religious” sweatshirt featuring the Caravaggio painting “The Entombment of Christ” is a part of Virgil Abloh’s “Youth Always Wins” collection for his Pyrex brand.

VIDEO: 12.12.12: Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin & More Perform At Hurricane Sandy Concert

The sweatshirt is currently available for $275 at RSVP Gallery, but there is a full collection based around the same painting by Caravaggio that is also available via RSVP. If you want the actual sweatshirt that Kanye was wearing, that is also available via charity buzz, with all of the proceeds going to the Robin Hood Relief fund to help those affected by Sandy. 

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To help with the promotion of Virgil’s Pyrex “Youth Always Wins” collection, he enlisted A$AP MOB members A$AP Barri, A$AP Nast, A$AP Josh, A$AP Illz along with Ian Connor and Nayle Junior for a video showcasing the tees, hoodies, caps, flannels, socks, hats and shorts in the collection.

Take a look at a few shots of Kanye’s Pyrex hoodie in the gallery above, but if you would like to get your own, head over to the RSVP webshop. You can also peep the “Youth Always Wins” promotional video below.