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The “royal prank” saga continues this week, as the Australian radio hosts responsible for duping Jacintha Saldanha during a prank phone call are receiving death threats in the aftermath of her suicide.

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Mel Greig and Michael Christian have been remorseful about the incident that was said to push Saldanha to suicide and now the Sydney station 2DayFM is being investigated for the prank. According to Australian news website News.Co.AU, police have launched yet another investigation due to staff receiving death threats via mail.

One letter specifically targets Christian:

The letter reportedly said there are “bullets out there with your (Mr Christian’s) name on” and contained further threats involving a shotgun.

Managers at 2DayFM have recruited 24-hour bodyguards to protect Christian and Greig and the pair has also been moved to a safe house for their protection.

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Meanwhile, Saldanha’s body is being released to undertakers after the coroners report was released on Thursday.

Enough is enough. How will we resolve one death with two more?


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