Ke$ha’s week went from bad to worse.

Not only did her sophomore album, Warrior, get beat out by Taylor Swift’s Red album, which has dominated the charts for the last six weeks, but her song “Die Young” lost 19 million radio listeners after the Sandy Hook Massacre. 

DETAILS: Ke$ha’s “Die Young” Dies Fast On The Charts Since Sandy Hook Massacre  

Ke$ha isn’t the only artist to plummet off the charts unexpectedly.

Legendary artists like Madonna experienced a mind-blowing chart plummet with her twelfth studio album, MDNA.

GlobalGrind rounded up other artists besides Ke$ha who were on the rise, but fell hard.  

Check out a few other artists who took quite a plummet on the charts below!

Madonna holds records for many different things, but one she’s probably not proud of is the record sales of her latest album, MDNA

MDNA debuted at number one on the charts with 359,000 copies sold. The next week, MDNA dropped 88 percent on the charts, only selling 46,000 copies the next week, causing MDNA to have the biggest second-week sales drop in U.S. chart history. 

The Weeknd‘s debut album, Trilogy, debuted in the top five at the #4 spot, but his second week wasn’t so good. The “House Of Balloons” singer dropped 30 spots on the chart landing him at #34 by week two. 

Re-releases aren’t traditionally known to do well on the charts, but Born To Die singer, Lana Del Rey, managed to round out the top 10 with The Paradise Edition. Lana couldn’t manage for long, because The Paradise Edition plummeted to #76 soon after. 

The past few months have been pretty intense for Green Day. With drama surrounding Billie Armstrong’s sobriety, the band has had to move around a few of their release dates. The first installment of their trilogy, ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRE!, ¡UNO!, performed solid on the charts, and ¡DOS! managed to make top 10 albums. All was well, but it seems like Green Day fans have short memories, because ¡DOS! took a drastic nosedive to the #75 spot by week two. 

The Dixie Chicks raised hell about George Bush and got banned from country music radio. Besides Ke$ha’s unfortunate plummet from the radio charts, the Dixie Chicks were one of the first groups to ever experience a drastic decline like Ke$ha. 

After making their remarks about George Bush, “Not Ready To Make Nice” landed at number 23, making it the first time they charted since pissing off the country music circuit. Weeks later, the band went missing from the Billboard charts for 20 weeks. That is until the band won three Grammys for “Not Ready To Make Nice.” The fiery song re-entered the charts at number four, but dropped to number 28 in the next week, breaking the record for the biggest drop out of the top five in a single week.

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