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Nancy Lanza, the mother of gunman Adam Lanza, was buried in Kingston, New Hampshire today in a small, private ceremony.

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The service, miles from where she and 26 others were gunned down, took place at the home where she grew up. About two dozen relatives attended the service, but it is unclear whether David Lanza, Adam’s father, or Ryan Lanza, brother, were present.

David and Nancy divorced in 2009 and it is reported that Adam and Ryan were estranged. The bodies of both Nancy and Adam were not claimed last week, but Nancy was released this week. It is not known if Adam’s body was also claimed.

In Connecticut, typical procedure is to have the police department record that no next of kin can be found or that they are refusing to identify the body.

A funeral home would then provide a list of volunteers who are willing to take custody of the body through the courts. The remains would be buried or cremated with $1,800 state funds. 

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It is expected that Nancy Lanza’s estate would pay for the funerals.

While the media honors the 26 dead at Sandy Hook, Nancy Lanza is somehow forgotten as a victim of the shooting as well. We hope she can rest in peace.

SOURCE: Daily Mail