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One of two bank robbers, who escaped a high-rise federal jail on Tuesday by scaling down some 20 stories on a rope made from bed sheets, has been arrested after an FBI manhunt.

NBC reports:

FBI spokeswoman Joan Hyde said Joseph “Jose” Banks was captured without incident in Chicago. Agents from the Chicago FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force, along with officers from the Chicago Police Department, arrested Banks about 11:30 p.m. Thursday, Hyde said in a news release.

The search for Kenneth Conley, who also fled the jail with Banks, is still going.

Banks, 37, and Conley, 38, somehow dropped out their makeshift rope and climbed down about 20 floors to the ground all through a broken large hole into the bottom of a 6-inch-wide window of the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

The site reports:

The escape went unnoticed for hours, with surveillance video from a nearby street showing the two hop into a cab shortly before 3 a.m. Tuesday. They had changed out of their orange jail-issued jumpsuits.

It is unknown how the men could have collected about 200 feet of bed sheets and what they might have used to break through the wall of the federal facility.

Authorities say escape carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.