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Reality TV has been a godsend for rappers of yesteryear. It’s become an efficient way to pick up a check.

And we’re sure no one needs a check like Shawty Lo. The Atlanta rapper has 11 kids with 10 baby mamas. What makes this most amazing is that they all live in an Atlanta mansion together! 

VIDEO: DRAMA! “Love & Hip Hop” Season 3 Extended Trailer Released! 

Oxygen documented what life is like for these folks and you’ll be able to see it soon. Oxygen has ordered a pilot for All My Babies Mamas, a 1-hour show that will premiere next spring.

An extended trailer of the show hit the ‘net and it is something that has to be seen!

Shawty Lo, real name Carlos, has to live with the everyday struggle of having 10 baby mamas, with one girlfriend. Since they all live in a house together, there’s a constant power struggle. 

Remember how the seven dwarves in Snow White had nicknames? Well so does Shawty Lo’s Baby Mamas: There’s The Fighter Baby Mama, The Jealous Baby Mama, the No Drama Baby Mama, the Baby Mama From Hell, etc.   

VIDEO: Love & Hip Hop Season 3 Trailer 

Depending on who you are, this is ether the best show to ever hit TV, or the worst one. Check out the extended trailer above and tell us what you think. 

SOURCE: IndieWire, RapRadar

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