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Ever since Haylor has come to an end, fans have been wondering what happened to their dreamy 2-month relationship.

Apparently, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles just didn’t mesh well when it came to their interests.

According to Radar Online, Harry wasn’t too big of a fan of Taylor’s obsession with antiques, which is what became the breaking point for their relationship.

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While Harry is more of a party boy who just wants to live it up while he’s still in his youth, Taylor is in a much different place and wants to take on her mature hobby of collecting antiques.

A friend of Harry’s said of the break up:

“He has been very upset. He was into Taylor, and thought that they might make a go of it, although with the tour coming up it would have been pretty tough. In the end, he is a young guy who likes to party, and she is a bit quiet and serious, and they were on different pages when it came to what the romance actually was.”

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The break up between these two isn’t all bad, since T-Swift fans can look forward to some new music from her!

She recently tweeted:

The singer seems to be handling the split pretty well, recently spotted getting support from her family. 

Swift went out with her parents and brother Austin for dinner at L.A.’s Mastro’s Steakhouse Thursday evening and onlookers say she looked like she was getting a few reassuring words from mom Andrea and dad Scott as they all dined over steak.
Well… it just looks like these two weren’t compatible. Hopefully they can both find happiness in other places!