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“Basically I’m a Brooklyn n*gga!”

NEW VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ “From The Block To The Top!”

Even though Joey Bada$$ expresses such in this song “Unorthodox,” there aren’t too many 17-year-old rappers who may be possibly signing a deal with another Brooklyn n*gga. We’re talking about none other than Jay-Z!

DETAILS: ROC BOYS IN THE BUILDING! Is Joey Bada$$ Signing With Jay-Z?!

In this dope cut produced by DJ Premier, Joey raps:

“I’m a spark it off unorthodox/ Won’t sign to no major if no wager less than $3 million offer, off the top/ I’ll be in a box when my coffin drops / Why settle for an office spot/ Niggas don’t always make it off the block.”

You heard that Hov? $3 million offer, off the top!

Check out “Unorthodox,” and let us know what you think.