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Now this is ironic.

DETAILS: God Help Us! Another Woman Raped & Hanged In India 

A registered sex offender threatened to hang President Barack Obama because he was outraged by the “filthy sex and perversion” that is allowed on television.

James Allen Myers, 37, was arrested by Secret Service agents after he called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the offices of National Geographic and allegedly made the racist threat. 

He allegedly called Obama a racial slur and said: “I’m gonna hang our… president from a tree outside the White House with a burning cross and a swastika on the lawn.”

Agents were able to use the FCC’s caller ID to trace the phone calls back to his home in Detroit. When they showed up at the home that he shares with his father, the elder Myers asked if his son “had been making phone calls again,” suggesting that this was not the first time that he made such threats.

VIDEO: New Civil War: Gun Advocates To “Start Killing People” If Obama Takes Away Guns 

According to new book, In The President’s Secret Service, it is reported that the President has received about 30 death threats since he first took office.

SMH. People really need to calm down and get it together.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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