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Nicki Minaj has long been known for her over the top outfits, loud hairstyles and unforgettable antics, but since picking up her gig on American Idol, Nicki has been slowly (very slowly) letting go of the Roman we once knew.

Minaj was once one to wear Marge Simpson-inspired wig pieces and bring pseudo popes on the red carpet, but since the turn of the New Year, we’ve been seeing a tamer side of Minaj that includes more realistic wig selections paired with high end designer clothes and understated makeup – a look that has Nicki walking around like a flawless rap star. 

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Just these past 2 weeks, Nicki has been rocking Versace jewels, Hervé Léger dresses, Celine glasses, and styles fashion blogs love. 

But what could be the reason that Nicki decided to let go of her crazy ways? We believe the new look is a combination of two things, one of which being the recent departure of her hairstylist Terrence Davidson, who called it quits earlier this month. The new hair aside, Minaj also has a new gig of her own to live up to. The change in her look could really just be Nicki playing the part of an American Idol and adopting a more relatable style.

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Only time will tell if Nicki plans on keeping her polished look together, but we’re going to bank on her letting Roman out of the cage sooner rather than later. We all give up our resolutions at some point, don’t we?

Check out some of our favorite looks Nicki’s been rocking since she rang in the New Year.