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Seems like not everyone is relieved that Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping to win his seven Tour de France titles. And not everyone is so ready to forgive him either.

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Mike Anderson, Armstrong’s former assistant, told the Daily Mail that Armstrong should be sitting in jail right now, not at an interview with Oprah.

“I have a pretty solid understanding of who Lance Armstrong is. He is a very calculating individual. Everything that he does is with forethought and for his own benefit. Frankly I hope he goes to jail. He introduced a sort of corruption to cycling’s governing body that is very American: loads of money and PR.”

Well, hot damn!

Anderson, who was once so close to Armstrong that the cyclist’s wife dubbed him “husband number two,” said he discovered Armstrong’s drug stash in a bathroom cabinet. He also said that Armstrong avoided random drug tests at all costs.

“He should have his day in court. He’s committed perjury. He’s weaseled out of allegations for years. He should be taken down and I hope he takes a lot of other people with him,” Anderson said.

Just this week, Armstrong has been front and center in media coverage regarding performance-enhancing drugs, granting media mogul Oprah an interview to publicly admit his wrongdoing. But sources say that Armstrong didn’t do it because he meant it. He did it to possibly clean his record and return to sports.

As for Anderson, the hoopla of the media circus, the legal battles that surround the case and his refusal to sign a confidentiality agreement with Armstrong was the demise of their friendship. He left the U.S. to escape the battle he faced going against Armstrong.

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“I scurried away with my tail between my legs,” he said. “I didn’t have the strength to withstand the pressure of what happened when I went against Lance. I was the victim of a very powerful effort to make my life hell. I was blackballed, ridiculed, defamed and slandered. My credibility and character were questioned. I couldn’t get a job. I’ll always believe Lance made good on his promise that I would never work in cycling again.”

Looks like Lance isn’t exactly the saint we thought he was. We’ll keep you updated on news of the drug scandal.

SOURCE: Daily Mail