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In light of the First Lady’s 49th birthday today, we took it upon ourselves to assume that Michelle Obama has been styling and profiling since birth. 

It’s been what seems like eons since we’ve seen a FLOTUS in office that the American people can relate to when it comes to both lifestyle and fashion sense.

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While the fashion world is commonly chronicling which designer the fit First Lady will wear to her main events and which designers she pairs with J. Crew, it is all in celebration of her versatility. 

Michelle Obama serves as a reminder to us that it is entirely possible to have it all, if you work for it. Aside from being an impeccably well-dressed woman, the FLOTUS fulfills her wifely duties to the most powerful leader in the world, is mother to two rapidly growing teenage girls, and is above all, genuine. 

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Sure, Michelle knows the world is style stalking, but she isn’t afraid to don a gown more than once to high profile events or throw her hair in a ponytail if she’s having a day off from blow drying, and most of all, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. 

In celebration of Michelle’s 49th birthday, we took a look at some of her best style moments from her 48th year of life. From walking the dog, to lighting the tree, visiting Santa and addressing crowds of thousands, today we celebrate Michelle’s fashion versatility, a feat that proves even the busiest woman in the world has the time to glam up. 

Happy Birthday to our FLOTUS! 

Check out some of our favorite style moments in the gallery above. 

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