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Kim Kardashian‘s divorce with Kris Humphries continues to take its toll on her. 

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The pregnant Kourtney and Kim Take Miami reality star opened up on the premiere of her show last night, revealing that she was distraught for months over her divorce. 

“I have cried about this for months and months, and at some point I have to let it go. I have no choice or I’m going to be a miserable, negative person.”

So Kim picked her chin up and moved on with her life, but it’s still a constant battle.

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“It’s something that should be over and done with. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy,” Kim said on Sunday night’s premiere. “The judge said we will be divorced in 2013.”

Khloe started to speak on the divorce and we learned that Kourtney’s recent jab at Kris on TV was really Khloe’s from the show. 

“He’s suing her for an annulment,” Khloe said. “The only way to legally get an annulment is if there’s some type of fraud involved. So Kris said Kim defrauded him to marry her for press.”

Khloe questioned, “If you wanted to marry someone that was just for press, wouldn’t you have picked someone who was actually popular?”

Kourtney said the same thing on David Letterman … seems like these sisters borrow everything from each other!

Kim wanted Khloe to stop talking about her divorce and Khloe agreed only if they broke plates off their luxury condo balcony. It seemed to work and let Kim let out some of her frustration.

If you missed the premiere, we’re sure you can catch a repeat over on E!


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