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I’m not a Beyonce stan.

I don’t own any of her albums, I don’t plan on buying the Destiny’s Child reunion CD, I am not signing up to get the latest updates from the BeyHive Blog, and I don’t follow her on Twitter.

While I am dying to see a new picture of Blue Ivy, I am not a Beyonce stan.

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I am not going to e-thug anyone who says anything bad about Beyonce, I am not going to defend her with all the power of my 140 characters on Twitter or anything like that.

But what I’ve noticed is for all of the crazy ass Beyonce fans; yes, I’m talking about a lot of you right now!

She has a lot of crazy ass haters.

I’ve never seen a woman get so much hate for no apparent reason! The latest Beyonce conspiracy is that she was lip-synching at the Inauguration.

Why can’t y’all let Beyonce be great?

Was she lip-synching to a voice track? I have no clue, but I don’t think she was. For one, if she was lip-synching, why would she pull the ear piece out of her ear? Wouldn’t she need that in order to synch her lips to the track?

It’s common sense people.

Beyonce can’t win. This time last year, people thought she faked her pregnancy; an inflatable baby bump that she put on everywhere she went. The rumors didn’t stop once she gave birth, because a short while later, Beyonce showed up looking stunning with her post-baby body! I don’t know what it is, but the bizarre rumors never stop. 

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Beyonce’s hard work is always discredited. Written off as some wild drawn out fantasy from the mind of an insane person. Lip-synching, fake baby bumps, she starved herself in order to get a stomach like the one we saw in the GQ pictures…

If it’s not about her, then her fans are lunatics who formed a cult and pray to Beyonce every morning. 

Wait. What. Is that last one not true either? 

It’s time to give credit where credit is due. I am not a die hard fan of Bey’s, but I can recognize when a woman is doing her thing and that woman is Beyonce. 

She’s married to a successful man. Had a beautiful healthy baby. Lost her baby weight and got right back to work with a bunch of sold out concerts. She’s doing the damn thing. 

It’s time for all of the hate to end, all of the conspiracies to stop popping up. Blue Ivy was created in love, not through an inflatable stomach. Beyonce sang to the world during the President’s second inauguration and now it’s tainted by rumors that she may or may not have been lip-synching. That’s just not right.

Beyonce deserved that moment. But then again, we can’t let her have anything, can we?  

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