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We’ve said it before, we love President Barack Obama, but he could definitely learn a thing or two on style from Michelle.

Although we normally see him in suits, his casual look consists of “dad” jeans and a tucked in polo shit. Yuck!

Bullett Magazine is obviously aware of these Presidential faux-pas and came up with a few new looks that the President could embrace to help him stay a bit cooler.

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From their “Made In The USA” look that consists of a blue blazer and a pair of New Balance sneakers that we can actually see our Prez wearing, to the “LGBT Rights” look that includes a nude pair of Alexander Wang pumps, Bullett Magazine has a very broad range of styles covered. Although we can’t imagine Barack in a pair of heels, it was still interesting to see how they played with his Presidential style for a total of four different looks.

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Check out how Bullett Magazine has the President “stylin’ on em” for their “The Clothes Make the Man: Barack Obama Fantasy Fashion” spread by clicking through the gallery above.