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Now, this is the f*ck terrible!

NEW VIDEO: Miguel “Adorn” 

R&B singer Miguel took his concert to the next level with a very inappropriate and very uncomfortable sex session with an imaginary partner. 

The 60-second video features a shirtless Miguel re-enacting a very explicit lovemaking session with an imaginary person. 

From what the video depicts, Miguel’s either having sex with a woman from the back or…yeah, you get our point. 

NEW VIDEO: Miguel “Do You” 

The Kaleidoscope Dream singer starts off his imaginary sex session by putting on a condom, beating his man parts on his lover’s ass, then slowly inserting his penis into an invisible “back door.” 

The whole act is disturbing and certainly cringe-worthy. 

Beware, you will be uncomfortable watching Miguel thrust his genitals to the wind.

Oh yeah, when Miguel’s not busy being gross, he’s actually in the studio working with Beyonce on her new album. So stay tuned to see what he has coming up this year. 

Watch the inappropriate video up top!