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Crazy Joe isn’t taking no for an answer.

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden urged House Democrats not to fear gun-control legislation that may appear politically risky or impossible, arguing that public opinion has changed dramatically since the first assault weapons ban was passed in 1994.

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Biden, who was the keynote speaker on the first evening of the House Democratic Issues Conference, reiterated the Obama administration’s gun-control agenda that was unveiled last month in response to the Sandy Hook massacre. The comprehensive gun prevention plan includes bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, and expanding background checks, mental health services, and federal laws against gun trafficking, but rumors that the laws would be revised to appear less strict have been swirling around the debate.

Biden passionately pleaded his case to the House Democrats, urging them not to be influenced by politics and not to forget the tragedies at Sandy Hook.

“I can’t imagine how [the parents] deal with it,” Biden said. “But I can imagine how we will be judged as individuals, judged as a Congress, judged as a nation, if we do not. … It’s simply unacceptable.”

“The ability, because of all this happening, to misrepresent our positions no longer exists as it did in 1994,” Biden said. “The world has changed. The American public has changed.

“You can go into areas you’re told you can’t go and politically survive,” he said. “I’m telling you, the times have changed.”

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Gun-control hearings have begun on Capitol Hill and more than 125 House Democrats have signed legislation that would prohibit the manufacturing of high-capacity magazines. Biden reminded Democrats to maintain hope in the uphill battle, mustering legislation through both chambers of a divided Congress.

“Don’t tell me, ‘Because we can’t solve it all, we can’t act at all,'” Biden said.

You told them, Biden!  

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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