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Looks like Fox News has dug itself into hole.

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Results from Public Policy Polling show that Fox News’ credibility as a news source has fallen nine percent in three years. But most disturbing for them: they are also the most distrusted news source of all.

The polling results, released Wednesday, asks participants to rate their trust in multiple networks, including Fox, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, Comedy Central, ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News and according to the results:

Just like its actual ratings, Fox News has hit a record low in the four years that we’ve been doing this poll. 41% of voters trust it to 46% who do not. To put those numbers into some perspective, the first time we did this poll, in 2010, 49% of voters trusted it to 37% who did not.

The poll also revealed what we already know…conservatives will ride or die for the news network, while liberals stay away.

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As PPP puts it, Democrats trust most television news other than Fox, and Republicans don’t trust anything but Fox.

Among Democrats, 72 percent trust PBS, with only 11 percent in the distrust category. Following next were NBC (61 percent trust, 16 percent distrust); MSNBC (58 to 19 percent); CBS (54 to 16 percent); CNN, where I am a host (57 to 21 percent); ABC (51 to 16 percent), and—yes—Comedy Central (38 to 28 percent).

Among Republicans, 27 percent trust PBS and 48 percent distrust it. Following next were NBC (18 to 66 percent); CNN (17 to 66 percent); ABC (14 to 70 percent); MSNBC (12 to 68 percent); CBS (15 to 72 percent), and Comedy Central (8 to 66 percent).

Hmmm…looks like our television news world is just as divided as our politics world. Surprising?

SOURCE: DailyBeast | Huffington Post