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Love is kind, love is patient, love is bloody?

PHOTOS: SPEED KILLS! Olympic Athlete Oscar Pistorius Arrested For Murder! 

It’s Valentine’s Day and while most couples will be enjoying each other’s company with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, cheesy cards and glossy heart-shaped balloons, there are others that will be remembering the love that has them sitting in jail right now.

That’s right, I’m talking about those unfortunate, tragic crimes of passion that shock us, make us sad, and make us go “WTF?”

Just this morning we heard news that Olympian Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (in picture above) in South Africa, and while we can’t confirm if it was a crime of passion or if Pistorius mistook Steenkamp for a burglar, it is still one of those tragic love stories we’re sure not to forget for a long time.

PHOTOS: Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher Involved In Murder-Suicide 

Here are some others that made our jaws drop.

Jovan Belcher

In December 2012, Kansas City Chief linebacker tragically took his girlfriend’s life and his own in the same day. Allegations that he and his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins, had been arguing over a Trey Songz concert which lead to the murder-suicide were reported, but authorities do not know exactly what pushed him to the edge. In the aftermath, the team paid for his funeral and set up a fund for the couple’s infant daughter.

John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt

Okay, cut the penis jokes because there is nothing nutty about this one! That pun was totally corny, but Lorena Bobbitt didn’t think it was too funny when she cut off 2.5 cm of her husband’s penis in 1993. Lorena accused John of sexually assaulting her…which, all jokes aside, is a serious allegation…but she probably should have thought twice before cutting the joint and throwing it on the side of the highway. The incident spurred a media storm and too many jokes to count…and yes, John’s penis was reattached.

Steve McNair

In another sports-related crime of passion, Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was the victim of a brutal murder committed by his then 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi. In July 2009, Kazemi discovered that McNair was in another extramarital relationship and she decided to take his life in revenge. It’s the archetype crime of passion that unfortunately took McNair’s life too soon.

Amy Fisher

The “Long Island Lolita” was just 16-years-old when she got caught in a love triangle with Joey Buttafuoco and his wife, Mary. While having an affair with the older man, Fisher gave her lover an ultimatum – her or Mary – which, not surprisingly, he decided to stay with his wife. Fisher was so shocked and hurt, that she drove to the Buttafuoco house and shot Mary Jo in the head with a Titan .25mm semi-automatic. But get this, Mary survived and stayed by her man for 10 years after the accident. Ride or die…literally.

O.J. Simpson

This is arguably not even a crime of passion for two reasons. One, it was premeditated. And two, we don’t even know if O.J hired someone to kill his wife. His innocence is still up for debate today! But what is known is that he suspected that his wife was cheating on him…or maybe it was the other way around…but the two had issues that needed resolving. In the end, Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman, ended up dead and evidence pointed right to O.J. (though he was tried in court and beat the case). Their murders remain unsolved today.

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