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Adrienne Bosh responded to Lil Wayne, but it turns out her past might be coming back to haunt her. 

GlobalGrind’s entertainment editor BlogXilla has learned from a very reliable source that Lil Wayne and Adrienne Bosh were an item before she got married to the NBA baller. 

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According to reports, Mrs. Bosh, then Adrienne “short stack” Williams, was a regular in the industry nightlife and she worked up quite a rep for herself. They say she was a fixture in the VIP sections at a lot of popular Atlanta nightclubs back in the day. Wayne messed with the Cincinnati, Ohio native back when she was still modeling for magazines like Smooth, but things turned sour when she allegedly scammed Lil Wayne out of a lot of money. 

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According to our source, Adrienne told Lil Wayne she was sick with cancer and needed money for treatment. When Weezy gave her the cash, she vanished. Word got back to Lil Wayne that she hustled him, but he wrote it off and charged it to the game. 

It’s also believed that Chris Bosh knew about her modeling and nightlife past before he married her. She seems to have changed her ways, so who are we to judge. 

As far as Wayne’s comments about sleeping with Chris Bosh’s wife, our source says, “Wayne would never lie on his d*ck.”

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