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What do you do when All Star Weekend is in your hometown? You turn all the way up!

That’s what happened when the homie Kirko Bangz held a very intimate Meet and Greet with friends inside The Drake in Houston, Texas. When the popular H-Town rapper arrived to the club, he was greeted by a sea of fans and friends. 

Once Kirko settled at his table, he ordered a bunch of bottles. The drinks came promptly and so did the ladies trying to get a sip of the “Drank in his Cup.” 

Once things settled down, Kirko took a seat at the table of our entertainment editor BlogXilla, and had a quick interview about the wonder that is All Star Weekend in Houston. Check it out!

How have you been enjoying All Star Weekend in your hometown?

Can I curse? Because I love this shit. It’s crazy, dog. It means a lot to me because everybody is here in my city. I’ve talked about it so much to have everybody out here. The best thing to me is that all of my people and my partners are here. People I grew up with get to see all the stars and shit. They get to see what a nigga be seeing everyday.

How is it now that you got the recognition and your name means a lot more to the city? 

It’s cool. Niggas respect it a little more, and the girls… Oh, the girls. I went to the mall and shut that bitch down. I had to get out that motherfucker dog, but I loved every second of that. I was at the mall, me and Slim was walking through there, and we had seen Bun B. They were talking about how shit is crazy. I was like man, I love this, and they said it’s your first time! But I love everybody to be in my city, it means a lot to me. 

I saw you at the strip club, you laid down the green carpet. 

I said ‘walk on green.’ I turn up, you see all that money, it ain’t no game. We turn up, it’s nothing. 

Tell me how your new single “Disrespect” with Yo Gotti came about.

I did the song and I said Yo Gotti would sound cool on it. So I sent it to him, I did it like 7 months ago, he sent it back. But I was sitting on it, I wasn’t going to use it. It’s nothing but a Kirko record. It’s different, but then I was like, it’s All Star Weekend and we need something for the clubs. So I was like, ‘Yo Gotti, let’s drop this shit.’ He said, ‘Let’s do it, little nigga,’ so we did it. People have been fucking with it heavy though.

Do you feel paralyzed by the success of your first song?

Hell no! I’m good out here. Yes sir. We ain’t going nowhere. Don’t get it twisted. With “Drank In My Cup,” we are not going nowhere! I’ve been working on my album ever since “Drank In My Cup” dropped. I got a plan. I’ve got all this great music that I put away for my album. It’s getting ready to go down for sure. Trust me. 

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