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After requesting the delay of the George Zimmerman trial because they had run out of money to proceed with the case, Zimmerman’s defense team raised $28,000 in three weeks.

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, the defense fund announced today that it expects to meet its monthly goal of $30,000, which will be used to retain experts for his defense.

“The majority of these funds remain unspent, and have been held in reserve to pay for necessary experts,” who must be lined up by a March 27 deadline set by the court, a post on the GZ Defense Fund website states.

Your donations have let us know we are not alone in our belief that George is innocent and deserves a fair trial. We get a lot of hate mail, and there are a number of forces aligned against us in our pursuit of justice for George, and it is at times disheartening. The fact that many people are willing to donate generously to George’s defense gives us inspiration. You have our gratitude, and we want you to know we could not do this without your support.

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We’re wondering, who is giving this man money?! The trial will proceed as planned on June 10.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel