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We aren’t afraid to admit we’re maybe just a tad too old to indulge in the high school drama that is ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, but with plot twists that wild, and clothing that cute, how could we not be completely consumed by the 1-hour drama? 

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It looks like we aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with the show, there are millions along for the ride, enough to make Pretty Little Liars the most social show on television. 

The girls are featured on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly to dissect the social media impact of the drama. 

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EW writes: 

Pretty Little Liars draws 3.8 million viewers each week, while also maintaining a colossal digital footprint of more than 10 million likes on Facebook, a Twitter handle (@ABCFpll) with a million-plus followers, and four stars who collectively reach more than 5.5 million with a tweet or retweet.

No one cast should have all that power! 

Now, if they could only use all that social media savviness to find out who the heck is texting their phones with all that foolishness, we would be in A-catching business!


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