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Last year the Oscars red carpet antics saw their height when The Dictator spilled his guest of honor, the ashes of Kim Young Jung, all over the always-pristine Ryan Seacrest during their interview. 

Perfect timing, perfect marketing for the film, and perfect for Oscar buzz. It was a win-win situation! 

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While the most recent red carpets haven’t seen episodes that pair up to The Dictator’s ash shower on live TV, there are always the looks, moments and speeches that are the water cooler talk for the following weeks. 

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In preparation for that moment sure to come from this weekend’s Oscars, we decided to take you on a fun little walk down wacky red carpet looks from the ghost of Oscars past. Some are bad, some are funny, and then there are some fashion moments we don’t know how to feel about. 

Check out the 6 most memorable Oscar red carpet looks below. 

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana wore a purple ombré Givenchy gown to the 82nd Academy Awards…and we are still wondering why. The stunning actress made a risky choice when she opted for what we will call a bridal shower on a dress. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow wore an Alexander McQueen dress to the Oscars in 2002 that showed off her goodies in the most unflattering way ever. Like, ever. She made it to every single worst dressed list, and has since learned her lesson and came back with a number of sexy cape gowns in the recent years to ensure she never falls that deep into the worst dressed pits again. 

Halle Berry 

Halle knows just how to make the boys go crazy. After her much buzzed about nomination for Monster’s Ball in 2002, the actress fit the bill in a dress that would match the buzz even if she didn’t win. She did end up taking the gold man home, but the real prize was all the talk around town about the potential nip slip that never was. 

Angelina Jolie

The only person who managed to outshine The Dictator was Angelina Jolie’s right leg at last year’s Oscars. It wasn’t so much about the look that Angelina was rocking, as she looked flawless in a black velvet gown. It was the infamous poses Angelina stood in to show off the thigh-high split in her gown. The pose was so infamous that Angelina’s right leg got its own Twitter page and sparked a national plank-esque trend called Jolieing. Sounds like a win to us. 

Lizzy Gardiner

This is a throwback red carpet moment to 1994 for those that have been living pop culture for quite some time. Costume designer Lizzy Gardiner wore a dress entirely made of gold AmEx cards that she designed to the Oscars in 1994, and now it’s comfortably hanging in a museum. Yep, that is how you do not so subtle advertisement on the red carpet. Nobody had to ask who she was wearing.


The swan dress was the dress to end all dresses on the Oscar red carpet. It has been over a decade since the Icelandic songstress wore this dress at the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001 and every single over the top red carpet look will always, always be paired up against Bjork’s swan dress moment, it is a pop culture icon in itself. 

Here is to another year of noteworthy Oscar red carpet look! Be sure to check us out right here on GlobalGrind this Sunday for red carpet coverage. 

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