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I would like to share with you a letter I am sending to UniverSoul Circus asking them to cancel their contract with Nosey, a painful to watch elephant act that my friends at PETA alerted me to. I recognize that some of my comments may be regarded as controversial. So be it. I am aware that many people still equate animal suffering as less than human suffering. Some even site scripture or “G-d” (such as Bible quotes that say as humans we have “dominion over animals” ) as divine license to abuse animals. I am quite sure our dominion, if we even have such a thing, is to protect animals from harm. I urge you to send an email to the address below to let your voice be heard for compassion. Once we make the connection between human slavery and animal slavery and put our heads down to work to free EVERY sentient being on this planet, we will be well on our way from transforming from an unconscious society to one that promotes peace – for the planet, the animals and ultimately, ourselves. 

As a strong supporter of African-American arts, I am extremely pleased that UniverSoul Circus has developed a unique model with fascinating human performers. I am disappointed, however, to learn that someone at UniverSoul has hired a known violator of federal law and someone who has shown utter disregard for animal welfare. I am referring, of course, to Hugo Liebel and his appalling treatment of an elephant named Nosey.

Mr. Liebel is currently facing nearly three dozen charges for violations of the minimal standards of the federal law regarding animal care, most of them relating to Nosey. She has repeatedly been kept in chains so tight that she could barely move, and Liebel has been cited for not providing her with the medical care she needs.

Like our forefathers, Nosey was ripped from her rightful home in Africa, taken from her family, shipped here and forced to work for the rest of her life. A former employee of Liebel’s admitted that a trainer beat Nosey while she was chained by all four legs, and encouraged others to participate with sledge hammerand shovels. During the shows, Nosey is made to get down all fours and crawl towards her “master.” How can her life be construed as anything but bondage and servitude and a slap in the face to all values most of us hold dear?

Children who attend the UniverSoul Circus surely don’t want to, and shouldn’t, see beaten animals in chains. They come to see vibrant human performers who amaze and entertain and to feel as if they are part of the show. I hope you will open your heart to see the truth and decide you want your vision and creation – the UniverSoul Circus – to be one of integrity and principle. I know you can cancel this sad act, and I hope you will.

Respectfully yours,

Russell Simmons

Please send your emails respectfully asking Mr. Walker to cancel his contract with Nosey to