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Another day, another rape tolerance case.

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A sophomore at the University of North Carolina is being sent to the school’s “Honor Court” after publicly speaking out about her rape. Landen Gambill may also be expelled for being “disruptive” and “intimidating” her rapist, although she has not even identified who the assailant is. 

According to Think Progress, the expulsion may not result from her actual statements, but may in fact be a case of revenge against the student.

Most likely, UNC’s action against the student is revenge. Gambill’s story first came to light as part of a case against the school in which a former assistant dean accused UNC of intentionally under-reporting cases of sexual assault. Gambill was one of three students providing evidence to prove the dean’s case. After it went public, Gambill publicly addressed the failings of UNC’s system, reporting that they “were not only offensive and inappropriate, but they were so victim-blaming… They made it seem like my assault was completely my fault.” The school even tried to leverage her suicide attempt, which happened after her sexual abuse, against her.

Calling her into the Honor Court is seen as an attempt to silence Gambill. Jezebel reports that Gambill received her first threat from a school attorney about one month ago, on January 29. On February 22, Gambill received a formal accusation calling her in to the court.

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Currently, Gambill’s peers are trying to bring attention to the issue by organizing protests and speaking out about the event in college papers.

It’s not clear if that will make an impact, but we’re glad students are standing behind Gambill to fight the school!

SOURCE: Think Progress