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Here we go again.

PHOTOS: SMFH! Fans Dress Like KKK Members At High School Hockey Game?! 

A New York assemblyman who first defended his actions after wearing blackface, an afro and a basketball jersey to a costume party is now apologizing for his actions, saying he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind wore the garb at his own party to celebrate the Jewish holiday, Purim. Costumes are a normal part of Purim festivities, but on Monday, Hikind was assailed by criticism that he initially dismissed as “political correctness to the absurd.”

At a news conference outside his Brooklyn home, however, Hikind pledged to be “a little more careful, a little more sensitive.” He added: “I repeat, it was not meant to in any way hurt anyone. And those that were? I’m sorry. That was not my intention.”

Ya don’t say?!

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Assemblyman Karim Camara of the state Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus had called Hikind’s actions at the party “callous and repugnant.”

“It brings back the memories of African-Americans being reduced to buffoonery just to gain access to the entertainment industry,” said Camara, who is also a Brooklyn Democrat and a black leader in the New York state Legislature.

As of yet, no action against Hikind was announced.

When will everyone get it through their heads that blackface equals BAD! There’s no way around it. SMH!


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